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There are multiple ways to make money online, including, Affiliate marketing, lead generation, service led business and while I have tried all of them, the one I prefer is Eccomerce. The process of building brands that meet customer needs and requirements.

Here at Encome, we have a simple business strategy. We invest/purchase underperforming ecommerce businesses and help them grow.

Using our expertise in digital marketing and helping to help grow many clients via our digital marketing agency we took the decision in 2017 to go one further and actually invest/purchase business.

Currently, we are only looking to invest in ecommerce businesses, its where we have the most skill and knowledge.

The types of ecommerce business we will look at:

  • US / UK Based
  • Would look at other English speaking countries
  • Have been trading at least 6 months

We will consider any niche so long as it doesn’t break local laws.  

If you feel you have a business and would like us to invest in, please get in touch.

About Us

We want to use E (Eccomerce) wants to make ncome (income) hence the name Encome Limited.

Our Brands

We would love to share with you some of our brands and to use them as real-life case detailed case studies – but as these are what drives my revenue and profit for now we will be keeping them under wraps.

I will be sharing all the other data. Some I will share, some is obvious as I am the face of the brands so now where to hide.